Historical Events

May - June 1998
Congregational members within Circuit #3 of the North Wisconsin District


Paulson's Apartments in Osceola, WI


 (The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod) conducted an evangelistic survey of the  Osceola, Wisconsin area. September 1988 - The Circuit Forum (Circuit #3) decided to begin regular Sunday worship services and Sunday school. Circuit pastors were asked to take turns leading the services and Bible studies. October 16, 1988 - The first Sunday worship service was held on this day. The
"Osceola Mission" met in the basement community room of Paulson's Apartment in Osceola.

July 1989

The "Osceola Mission" moves to a new location: The United Methodist Church on River Street in Osceola. Worship and Bible class were now held on Saturday evenings with 5 households making up the Mission.

United Methodist Church, Osceola WI

February 9, 1991

Rev. Mark K. Schoen was appointed by the Circuit #3 Mission Committee to serve as part-time Mission Pastor.

May 11, 1991

The name: "Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church" was selected by Mission members.

October 12, 1991
Thirty-two new members were welcomed into Shepherd of the Valley as it celebrated its third anniversary.


 December 1991
Harold and Carol Johnson of St. Croix Falls offered a gift of approximately five acres of land, near the Dalles House Motel, for a future building site.

March 1, 1992
The Constitution of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church was accepted at the congregational meeting.

September 13, 1992
Shepherd of the Valley moved to a new location for Sunday worship and Sunday school: The Knights of Columbus building on South Street in Osceola.

September 21, 1992
The first organizational meeting of Shepherd of the Valley Ladies Guild.

February 16, 1993
The North Wisconsin District Board of Directors accepted the Constitution of Shepherd of the Valley and began to govern itself according to the new constitution.

June 20, 1992
President Arleigh Lutz of the North Wisconsin District preached at a special service. Mr. Jeffery Huenink, President of Shepherd of the Valley, signed the Constitution of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, making Shepherd of the Valley an "official" member congregation of the Synod and the 224th congregation  of the District.

July 13, 1993
Rev. Mark K. Schoen was called to be the first full time Pastor of Shepherd of the Valley.

October 17, 1993
Shepherd of the Valley celebrated its fifth anniversary. Rev. Mark K. Schoen was installed as Pastor at a worship service held at Zion Lutheran Church in Turtle Lake Wisconsin.

April 23, 1995
A Groundbreaking Day worship service was held at 9:00 a.m. with a Groundbreaking Ceremony held at 2:00 p.m., at the building site. 119 were in attendance.


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The Lord had a change of plans for Shepherd of the Valley.

January 1997
Lampert's Real Estate, Inc. made a lease and purchase agreement with Shepherd of the Valley for the Simonson Lumber property in St. Croix Falls. 


January - March 1997

The Simonson Lumber Retail store was remodeled for a "new" church facility.

SCF WI Church

March 30, 1997

The first worship services (6:30 and 9:00 a.m.) were held on Easter Sunday at the newly remodeled facility in St. Croix Falls. 179 were present for both services.

August - October

Shepherd of the Valley Church facility underwent some more remodeling with a new entryway, bell tower, windows and siding.

2000 - 2001

Continued remodeling has been done to include Pastor's office, a fellowship area and Sunday school room.

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