Ladies Guild February 2021

Meeting Minutes

Meeting is called to order at 1915.

Secretary and vice president reports is waived.

LWML convention coming up in June 24-27 at Lexington KY. Check website for details in for sign up. There is also information in the women's quarterly magazine.

There is an  LWML convention in June 22-25th in 2023 in Milwaukee. Annie Hartman is contact for this and do it before April 26th deadline. We are expected to send people from our church to help with this one. We need to think about what we want to do to help and let her know. If we do this early we can pick from more areas to help with. Motion to accept by Deb and Sue 2nd  motion.

Debbie did altar Guild report. Easter Flowers list is in process. There is more information needed and Deb is working on this. The early date for registration is March 2nd. The checks should go to SOTV for the Flowers as the church pays for them and we pay the church.

Deb is looking for help with stripping of the altar for Maunday Thursday service which is April 1st. Anyone who would be able to help with this needs to talk to Deb. Motion to accept made by Krissy and 2nd by Sue.

There were 30 sunshine cards made at the ladies last craft day.

Ranae and Chris Z will be picking up the food for goodie time. We are going to be transitioning to having people bring the food for this like before and plans being made to get this in place after Easter.

Deb S is using Thrivent card for supplies for Ash Wednesday Lenten meals. The serving time for the Lenten services will be 6- 6:45. The food needs to be served by one person for each item, wearing gloves and masks, or packaged individually, or store bought.

Thank you all for the donations to Options for Women during Life Sunday.

Christmas decorations are taken down now. The coffee pots were washed with vinegar. Neil G put filters in to keep them from getting buildup on them.


New business:

We need to prepare for pastor William and Christine Boateng. When we get the notification of when they are coming, we will have 30 days to prepare. We need to clean the house and look at what is already there. For the furniture, we will wait and ask William and Christine what they would want. We are going to table this for now and talk again at next meeting.

Easter brunch is coming. We will table this until next meeting. Meerilee wants to move meeting to the second Tuesday of March and it is decided that would be OK to move it until then.

Thank you to Ione for filling in for president at the February meeting.

Maria Scheider has offered to help with serving for special occasions or whatever is needed.

If anyone does not want to participate in person, for goodie time or the Lenten suppers, they are asked to bring items for drop off to help with food items. Please communicate with your group leaders on how your group is going to serve and who is willing to help in person.

We have decided to send a check for Mission Tidings for $50.00 for a donation. Kim Johnson will send a check to Sharon Kautzman for this. Deb motioned in Kim 2nd motion.

The craft day on February 18th is cancelled. We will resume the craft day after Easter.

Sue B brought up that Jerre Littlefield is the contact for prayer chain and she is transferring to Rice Lake church and is unable to continue doing this. Ione will call the people that Jerry has been contacting. Marsie M phone number is changed to 715-419-0983.

Pastor brought up that pastor Tim Koch of Millbank SD will be taking travel time of Ongoing Ambassador’s for Christ (OAFC) to Michigan in May. They will be stopping at our church the evening of May 23rd to May 24th . They need families from our church to host overnight. On May 24th, we would serve them lunch. There will be about 8- 15 people coming. We will get info out to members for sign up to host. It was also discussed that they could camp at church or even stay at church since they have done this before too. Details coming up. We voted to provide this service at the ladies Guild meeting.

We need to utilize the Thrivent Cards that our members have for different areas. Some examples of use are for assistant pastor installation, Lenten services, harvest dinners, Ash Wednesday, there is a list of multiple areas. Need to get three weeks ahead of time. Need to line up cards ahead of events. Deb and Krissy volunteered to work on this.

 Meeting is adjourned. Motioned by Kim, 2nd by Ione.